frequently asked questions

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The concept of Escape Rooms is inspired by computergames that require the player(s) to solve a number of questions, challenges and puzzels within a given time to complete the game. If they don’t, they failed the game.

Since the first pioneers toke that concept into the real world, several thousands of Escape Rooms have opened their doors worldwide. Although the concept in an Escape Rooms has many characteristics like the computer games, there is one essential ellemtn added: players are actually locked up inside a room and have to solve the game within a given amount of time, mostly 60 minutes (or at least give the impression to be locked up; due to safety it’s never a great idea to physically lock the doors).

The game ends after 60 minutes, or earlier if the players are able to escape on time. In addition to the maximum one hour of game-time you wille be briefed prior and debriefed afterwords. Therefore the complete experience will take about 1.5 till 2 hours in total. If you like your more then welcome to join our cosy recreational living rooms for a drink and/or snack and extend your visit!
  • We do not allow intoxicated players; alcohol and/or drug use prior, during or afterwards is absolutely out of the question
  • Items such as a mobile phone, keys and lighters that you carry with you are not allowed during the game. Therefore the Gamemaster will offer to store any items for you during the game. If you choose to keep them with you we are fine with that, but using any item that’s not already in the bus may result in a definitive game-failure
  • Some elements inside the bus are not actually part of the game. The Gamemaster will brief you on that. Please do not force and/or use any elements, as pointed out during the briefing that will be given before the game starts
  • If you deliberately cause any damage we will present you with the bill for restoring that damage
  • If you choose to use the emergency system during the game, the game will terminate. We don’t refund emergency exits.
  • Smoking in public transport is prohibited in The Netherlands and therefore not allowed inside the Escape Bus
If for any reason you would like to cancel your reservation, you can do so free of charge up to 48 hours before the start time. Cancellations, no-show’s or arriving late may result in receiving a bill for the full amount of the booked activities.
Every Escape Room involves a certain level of time-pressure, since you’ve only got one hour to escape. While playing the Escape Bus you wille be facing several other effects that may cause a higher level of pressure. We don’t want to take all the fun out of it, so we’re not getting in detail on those effect, but you may experience several light- and sound effects that may be scary.
However, unlike some other Escape Rooms, we don’t use real life actors during the game. So no need to be afraid on that part.
We want every player to enjoy the Escape Bus to the max. Therefore we’ve implemented several systems that allow players and the Gamemaster to stop the game in case one of the players is panicing or feeling the need to exit the Escape Bus immediately.
First of all we’ve installed two panic buttons inside the bus. When one of the players pushes that button the game is immediately terminated and the front- and backdoors of the bus will open automatically.
In addition to that player-controlled panic mechanism, there will always be a skilled Gamemaster monitoring the game from a room located directly behind the Escape Bus. Using several camera’s and microphones, the Gamemaster is able to know exactly what’s going on inside the bus and to communicate with the players if needed. When needed the Gamemaster can also control the doors and terminate the game if players feel they want to exit the game immediately.
It is impossible to give a definitive answer to that question, but keep in mind that any Escape Room will involve a certain level of excitement/pressure/tension. The Escape Bus is no different. Several light- and sounds affects are used to enhance the experience.
If you know your not good at handeling serious stress, unexpected sounds and/or lights, locked rooms, feelings of frustration, unexpected motion and/or panic, then the Escape Bus might not be for you. For the same reasons we do not recommend pregnant woman to enter the bus.
In addition the Escape Bus is not suited for players with disabilities such as ones that resulted in needing a wheelchair. Although we really regret that, it turned out to be impossible to create an Escape Room inside a Bus without having elements that restrict entry and movement for wheelchairs.
If you’re having any doubts regarding this question, we would love to get in touch with you and discusses the possibilities!
We kindly ask you to be on location 30 minutes prior to the start of the game time. If for any reason you’re running late, please do give us a call. We will be happy to re-book you to another timeslot that’s available or figure out some solution that works for you and your team.
We kindly remind you that showing up late without giving us a call, or not showing up at all, is not appreciated. Since our staff is waiting for you at the booked time, we may have to bill you for that.