After playing the Escape Bus we will send out an e-mail holding a link to your groups action-picture.

You can view this photo online, download it or share it on social media like Facebook. You’ll find convenient buttons to do so when following the mailed link.
When you choose to share it on Facebook, you will be presented a modal box asking permission to post images on Facebook on your behalf. Without this permission we won’t be able to transfer the photo from our website onto your Facebook account. But when you grant us these permissions, we will solemnly promise:

  • we will never post anything on your Facebook account, unless you are explicitly tacking an action that requests us to do so
  • we will not store any information from your Facebook account in any kind of database, file system or other storage possibility
  • we will not abuse the permission you’ve granted us; were just begin thankful

You may always refer to these promises; were not letting you down!
If you feel your having any questions at all, feel free the contact us!